Twelve years after it was recorded, Popsicle Recordings is proud to present the sole album from Swedish indiepop pioneers Favorita

The brainchild of former Beagle and current Metro Jets frontman Magnus Borjeson, Favorita fell foul of record company politics on the eve of this album’s 1997 release and it never saw the light of day...the band split up, the album was forgotten.

With the recent success of Metro Jets’ singles (an album is supposedly in the works) and the ongoing interest in those two classic Beagle albums, we at Popsicle Recordings didn’t want Favorita to pass into obscurity. Sure, the album has circulated as a bootleg among discerning music lovers for five or six years, but an album this great certainly deserves a better shot at reaching a wider audience.

So we’ve dusted off the master tapes, added eight bonus cuts and both of the band’s low-budget videos. We’ve unearthed photos from the two promo shoots the band did, forced Magnus to remember all the songs’ lyrics, and coaxed some inspired sleeve notes from noted Swedish journalist and blogger (and former Beagle drummer) Anders Mildner. The result is the definitive Favorita experience. Everything you could want to know about this exceptional but criminally short-lived band, there on one disc.

Visit to Favorita’s myspace page where you can hear tracks from the album and endorse them with your friendship.

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