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I started the sampler CD about ten years ago when I started selling obscure Swedish pop CDs online. I realized I was into a lot of great music that my customers hadn’t heard of, so I started putting together a sampler CD I could give away with each order. I burned, printed and gave away hundreds of these CDs. The cover art was a collage of all the album covers the songs were taken from, and the back cover had a detailed tracklist. The response was phenomenal. After a while people started telling me my samplers were among their favourite CDs, and of course I was generating fans and sales of artists that people otherwise wouldn’t have heard of.

The first few CDs were my “Swedish Pop Sampler” before I started featuring more music from Norway and Denmark and I switched from “Swedish” to “Scandinavian”, but I kept the habit of featuring one artist on each sampler from somewhere completely different. Around volume five I started including a note about each artist/track, as you’ll see below.

Of course this was long before the days of music downloading and podcasting. If I was starting this now, they wouldn’t be CDs, but the format worked for a long time, and since I’ve just put the finishing touches to volume ten I decided it was time to put them all in one place, available for everyone to enjoy.

Putting this page together has made me feel nostalgic about a time that while only a few years ago, feels like much longer. A time when you’d order a CD from a faraway country and be delighted when it would show up weeks later, when you’d almost forgotten about ordering it. I’ve read a lot of peoples’ thoughts on what they mourn about the old ways of consuming music, but for me, it was always coming home to a package on the floor from Sweden or Japan, with strange stamps on it and wondering “now what did I order?”. Opening the package, slipping the disc into my CD player (to listen to it, NOT to rip it to itunes!), poring over the booklet with its lyrics, pictures and unpronounceable Scandinavian names. I used to love that. Now it’s all but gone.

Itunes and my ipod became more convenient than buying CDs and once I’ve ripped something to itunes I seldom play the CD anyway, so why not just cut out the middle man and download the songs? But I know that I’ve lost some of my innocence along the way, that the new way of acquiring music has put some strange barrier or distance between me and the music. As I listen back to these sampler CDs I can still remember discovering each album the old-fashioned way, and I feel a strange sense of loss for an experience that downloading mp3 files just can’t re-create.

I also know that as an artist myself, there’s someone somewhere downloading my tunes who, just like me, would once have been happy to order the CD and have it arrive in the mail. If you are one of those people, be sure to download the booklet of my last album here. It has loads of great pictures, song lyrics, sleeve notes, and an abundance of unpronounceable Swedish names!

Anyway, here they are – Luke’s Scandinavian pop sampler CDs volumes one to ten. 221 songs from approximately 215 different albums. If you’ve navigated your way to this page, I can’t imagine that you won’t find a new favourite artist or three here. For the authentic sampler CD experience, print off and cut out the front and back artwork (included in each zip file), burn a CD and put all ten volumes on your shelf. The spines are all different colours. They look cool.

If you are the artist or artist representative behind any of this music and this page has put your knickers in a twist, drop me a line and we’ll talk.

I can be reached at info (at) popsiclerecordings (dot) com.

You can visit my Scandinavian pop webshop Popsicle here and you can hear my most recent album, recorded in Sweden with members of Beagle (Magnus) and Brainpool (Christoffer and Jens), and Nick Drake’s string arranger Robert Kirby at http://lukejackson.bandcamp.com/


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  1. Mike P. Says:

    Absolutely fantastic. I just downloaded all ten comps, tonight.

    being a massive consumer(and occasional producer/ issuer of) CD’s and vinyl… I was aware of, I’d say 60% of the names , across all compilations (not bad, right?)

    yeah. I was (and sort of still am) a voracious purchaser of music / supporter of bands.

    I agree… wholeheartedly.. with your post (accompanying December 2009), concerning “how much has been lost” ie. the manner in which we currently acquire & consume music.

    anyway – great job ; some truly wonderful music.

    somehow… I feel recorded media (objects / sound carriers) will come back into vogue. some day.

    cheers from NYC.


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